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You read that correctly. You can earn Crypto for free right now at Publish0x. Earn by Reading: You can earn from tipping posts. This tip does not come out of your pocket! It is paid for by the company. Every time you tip someone YOU get paid. In fact, you can even set which percentage to […]

PTCShare Alternative! Earn Crypto

I love  PTCshare.  There is a new program from a trusted admin that is very similar. You can get started for free. Every  $1 in ads you purchase gives  you $1.20  in tokens.  Tokens are how ads are distrubuted  (similar to BAP  in PTCSHARE) You can earn free tokens every day  from clicking ads.  They […]

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Netbox  is offering a free airdrop for a limited time. Simply download the browser and set up your wallet. You can also stake your free airdrop coin. You also will receive a bonus after 1 week of using it and after one month. It’s free so there is nothing to lose. Join Netbox here  Photo courtesy […]


No clicking. No surfing. No referring. Just easy, passive income from a legit, registered company. Ad packs start at just $5! Income is generated by REAL trading with trading proof provided.  This site does not rely on new member income to pay members. 100% of income is from actual trading! Don’t miss out. I’ve already […]