FREE POS coins! Earn Passive Crypto!

Yes, you can earn free POS  (Proof of Stake) coins and stake them in a pool to earn residual passive income. Please book mark this page so you can refer to it later.  Here’s all the info you need:


 For Instructional video click here


Step 1: Join Simple POS Pool.  This is where you will be staking  some of your free coins. Once you earn enough coins to participate in the shared masternode  you can do that as well an earn even more. 100% passive income.

Step 2: Join BTCpop  and claim your coins at the faucet. You can claim here once every 30 minutes.I suggest you start with PIVX coin or any other coins that are listed in both BTCpop and Simple POS pool Your stake-able coins will automatically start staking while you build your balance. You can, of course, choose any coin you wish.

You may want to split your coins between the two sites to both compare earnings and also to diverisfy your funds.Once your balance starts to grow, you can transfer the coins to Simple POS .



Step 3: Join Allcoins here.  This is a faucet where you can claim every 5 minutes. You also can earn from mining and other activities.  Please note this site may contain ads that are not safe for work or suitable for children.  However you will earn a lot more PIVX here. Once you have earned .02 or higher withdraw your earnings into Simple POS

4.  FREE Potcoin faucet.  Claim here, transfer your eanrings to your BTCpop account to earn staking rewards. Payouts here are through Faucet Hub  click here to join




That’s it!  You are now earning passive income at simple POS  using your free coins.  Continue to collect coins to earn even more.